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The Anciant Dogoo Girl

Messagepar Kerozene » 02 sept. 2009, 12:09

Une série TV nipponne, bien nawak qui a l'air drôle comme ça, mais rien que le trailer suffit à se rendre compte que le gros délire de donzelles en bikini et nichons armés s'essouffle à la vitesse de l'éclair.

Image ... e#extended

Okay fans of Japanese cult film here’s a little collection of talent to taunt you with. Noboru Iguchi (The Machine Girl), Takashi Shimizu (Juon) and Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police) are among the talents behind upcoming project The Ancient Dogoo Girl, the story of a ten thousand year old girl revived to fight evil in modern society. Kind of like Ultraman, really, but with the hero in a clay bikini instead of a full body suit and with a lot more cleavage shots. And why is this a taunt? Because Dogoo is a television series - not a film - due to start airing in October and given that I can count the number of Japanese television series to receive releases here on one hand, the chances of this one ever crossing over are pretty much nil. You can, however, check the trailer below the break.

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